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Exquisite Encounters: Reliving the Magic of TSC, we shall see - Connecting the GBA, Building the future’s 7-Day Journey

“TSC, we shall see - Connecting the GBA, Building the future” was a 7-day bilingual exhibition aimed at providing the public with a profound understanding of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) pathology and the lived experiences of those affected by it. Organised by the student-led agency Translation Workshop, in collaboration with Enter-Link, Centre for Innovative Service-Learning, and Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Association of Hong Kong (TSCAHK), the exhibition explored TSCAHK’s dynamic narrative of “The Beginning,” “The Present,” and “The Future,” promote the positive message delivered by the rare diseases community and celebrate the unity of diverse communities empowered by language services. The exhibition sought to strengthen doctor-patient relationships, push for healthcare reforms, and encourage collaboration on rare diseases within the Greater Bay Area and beyond.


Our dynamic schedule featured educational exhibits, insightful talks, personal sharing sessions, interactive workshops, musical performances and movie screenings, all of which are free to the public. All visitors were also able to experience firsthand how language services can play a crucial role in connecting people and strengthening communities, and enter the creative world of translation students!


The exhibition opened with a spectacular ceremony attended by a remarkable number of attendees, setting a promising tone for the week ahead. More than 100 attendees actively participated in the opening ceremony, demonstrating their enthusiasm and engagement with the exhibition from the outset. Their presence and involvement contributed to the vibrant atmosphere and laid the groundwork for a week of meaningful interactions.


Throughout the week, the exhibition continued to draw in a diverse audience, with attendees from various backgrounds and communities coming together to learn, share, and connect. The interactive exhibits, informative presentations, and engaging activities captivated visitors, sparking curiosity and fostering dialogue around TSC and related issues. 


Attendees were treated to a diverse range of enriching experiences aimed at fostering connection, empowerment, and understanding. Day 3 saw a vibrant workshop where participants joined TSC-affected individuals and their families in crafting unique DIY handicrafts, not only immersing themselves in creativity but also contributing to a cause by supporting TSC-affected groups. Concurrently, heartfelt sharing sessions provided a platform for TSC-affected individuals, families, and carers to exchange experiences and insights, facilitated by simultaneous interpreting services to ensure effective communication. Additionally, AI T-shirt Company Made4Me showcased its dedication to providing custom clothing for children with special needs, promoting inclusivity and awareness. 


Day 4 featured IVE students sharing their experiences of collaboration with TSCAHK, highlighting youth's social responsibility and fostering engagement in social issues. Meanwhile, director Wong Siu Pong's talk delved into the challenges and resilience of families affected by TSC, offering a narrative of love and courage. 


Day 5 was marked by a moving musical concert featuring TSC-affected performers from the “Joyful Harmony” project and HK Fusion Chamber Orchestra, delivering a powerful message of equality and self-expression through music. Attendees also had the opportunity to gain insights into the medical sector’s advancements and challenges in TSC treatment during a specialised sharing session. 

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The consistent turnout of more than 20 attendees for each event and a daily average visitor of more than 40 demonstrated sustained interest and engagement with the content presented. This reaffirmed the exhibition’s relevance and impact in raising awareness and promoting understanding of TSC. It also highlighted the value of creating opportunities for meaningful interactions and connections among attendees.


As the exhibition drew to a close, attendees had one final opportunity to revisit their favourite exhibits, reflect on their experiences, and celebrate the achievements of the week. The atmosphere was filled with joy as participants shared stories, exchanged ideas, and expressed gratitude for the meaningful connections forged during the event. 

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