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About Us

Our Story

Enter-Link is a start-up language service company with a mission to provide an all-in-one digital solution to language barriers in the community. We provide convenience, uniqueness, and cost-effective solutions for language services needs that cannot be satisfactorily met by existing solutions. Enter-Link specializes in providing solutions for knowledge accessibility and connecting human beings through languages; our primary target customers are NGOs, social enterprises, government departments and individual users.
Our mission is to remove barriers provoked due to different languages; we provide world class language services such as 24-7 interpretation service and AI-facilitate translation service to help you communicate effectively across international boundaries. With Accessibility of Knowledge at its core belief, Enter-Link's main aim is to take a step forward in enabling improved human communications, enhanced life experience due to integrated Human Machine Language exchange and increased appreciation for language & languages services in the public sphere.
We believe in sustainable innovation: the integration of technology with the heart and soul of communication so that everyone can benefit from it. We use cutting edge machine learning technologies combined with natural language processing techniques along with other AI related disciplines. Our enterprise IT solutions create immersive experiences blended with creativity while remaining economical at the same time.
At Enter-Link, we strive to embrace new ideas as we evolve our platform. Our goal is always to deliver exceptional customer service through continuous improvement of our services - because everyone should have access to quality language services crafted by skilled professionals so they may live full embodied lives without the fear or feeling of lost cause in cross-cultural communication scenarios due to lack thereof linguistic resources or translation failings.

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