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Full-Time Programmer (1 Vacancy)

As Enter-Link Limited provides language services facilitated by the latest technology using our mobile application, we wish to seek a talent who will be responsible for the continue development of our digital platform.

Major Duties:

  • Develop, maintain, debug and troubleshoot systems and software; 


  • Investigate and develop data-driven AI resources to be incorporated to our online platform; and


  • Provide technical support for the running of the online platform.



  • A master’s degree or above in computer science or a related field, with certain work experience;

  • At least 1 year hand-on experience in Java Backend development;

  • Advanced in ReactJS and ReactNative frameworks;

  • Experience with Redis, MySQL or other SQL solutions;

  • Knowledge in AWS cloud platforms is a must;

  • Experienced in code refactoring; and

  • Responsible and a good team player.

Interested applicants send a two-page CV and/or a portfolio to

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